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In this area of the site I have listed some extra resources for you to browse completely FREE OF CHARGE! Our goal is to help you become a better guitarist or vocalist before you even step into my door. Whether you want to become a professional guitarist, songwriter, or singer, or if you just want to be a hobbyist, getting off on the right foot is a sure way to success.

Below are some articles on aspects of the guitar and voice you may have never even considered. I hope you read through and find some of this information useful to your understanding of voice and guitar lessons.

Guitar Articles

Do You Really Need a Guitar Teacher to Learn Guitar? – Why having a guitar teacher can help you learn to play the guitar faster and save much more time and money than you would on your own on via youtube.

A Guide to Buying Your First Guitar– Many students come in asking what kind of guitar they should be looking for or come in with a guitar that is not even properly fitted for their body. Learn what to look for in a guitar to make sure you play a comfortable guitar right from the start.

Best Beginner Acoustic Guitars – Some recommendations of great acoustic guitars for beginner’s. Some of my personal favorites are Ibanez, Martin and Crafter guitars.

Tips For Practicing The Guitar Better Pt.1 – Some tips to help you use your guitar practice time more ffectively. Learn how scheduling and management of your studies can help you progress faste

How To Have Fun With Ear Training – Ear training is not always fun, but it is an essential skill you will need on the guitar. Learn how to have fun while training your ear at the same time.

Playing The Guitar And Singing – Singing and playing the guitar at the same time can be pretty challenging. If you are trying to sing while playing at the time, this article will help you learn how to make singing and playing much easier.

Voice Articles

Why You Should Warm Up Your Vocals – An athlete would never run without stretching so why would you sing without warming up your voice. Improper warm up can lead to vocal strain and damage. Do not get off on the wrong foot, start off amazing.

How to Practice Using a Microphone – There is more to a microphone than just holding it in your hand and placing it in front of your face. Practicing microphone technique can make you look like a pro even at your very first performance.

Top Reasons For Vocal Strain And Fatigue: SIf you are getting tired after practice or gigs than you are doing more harm to your vocal chords than good. Learn the top reason for vocal strain while singing.

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Other Great Teachers In The US

Below is a great list of other music teachers teaching through the US and some abroad that I have worked with and/or met personally. I know that each of the persons below can add great value to your guitar or voice studies if you live in their area.

Medford Piano Lessons– Live in the Medford, Somerville, or Middlesex area. LB Music School offers lessons in piano and more at their convenient Medford location just off of I-93. Visit LB Music School to learn more about their lessons.

Boston Singing Lessons– Boston Singing Lessons offer the best vocal coaching in the Boston area. Study extreme singing techniques for today’s pop, rock and contemporary music.

University Qualified instructor in Calgary Alberta offering guitar, bass and vocal lessons.

Melrose Speech Therapy– Looking for speech therapy for your child in the Melrose, Lynnfield & Peabody area. Then North Shore Speech Therapy is the place to go for you child’s need. Jeannette Kahn & her staff of specialist offer the best in speech therapy care on the North Shore

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