Acoustic Guitar Lessons

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Looking To Become A Better Acoustic Guitar Player?

Would you like to be able to:

  • Play more interesting strumming patterns
  • Finger pick along with your favorite songs
  • Feel comfortable switching between chords
  • Learn skills in the right order and at the right time

If you answered yes, to any of these questions, then you are in the right place.

Our acoustic guitar lessons will help you develop the skills you need so that you can play along with your favorite musicians. And for those you interested in singing and playing at the same time, we can help you learn how to do that as well.

What You Will Get In Your Lessons?

1. Learn To Play The Songs You Love

We know everyone has different musical tastes and that’s why we have a variety of teachers that you can work wtih. We will match you up with a teacher that will help you learn the kind of music you want to learn, not just the teacher’s favorites. We teach folk, pop, country, blues and jazz.

2. Step By Step Guidance.

No need to guess where to start or what comes next. Our teachers have a plan for you and will help you organize your practice time. If you have any questions, your teacher is there to help make sure you understand what you are learning. You can be assured that you are learning the right things in the right order.

3. Learn Strumming And Finger Picking.

Acoustic guitar players with learn about strumming and finger picking and maybe even songwriting if you are interested in learning. Acoustic guitar players will also learn how to use their guitar a percussive instrument when playing alone to make your playing more fun and interesting.

4. Workshops To Play With Others.

Learning how to play music with other is very important and that is why we offer a number of monthly workshops for you to meet other students that are learning to play just like you. It’s a great confidence builder and the perfect way to apply what you are learning in your lessons to real life music settings.

Getting Started Is Easy…

We have helped many students just like you learn to play the guitar. This includes students that thought they were not talented enough, too old to learn an instrument, or not creative or musically inclined. We have even worked with students that have played guitar on their own for years & feel like they are stuck & looking for a different perspective on their learning.

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‌ Student Testimonial

“I drive up from Bridgewater which is about an hour drive. The reason I do that is because its been hard to find a really good teacher where I’m from. I’ve been looking to work with a professional, someone that really knows how to teach & performs & knows what I want to do. It’s really hard to find a teacher like that….I taught myself guitar for a bout a year or two…In the past four months I’ve gotten much better than in the past two years.”

 ~ Kevin, voice and guitar student

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