Let Us Help You Succeed!

Are you interested in learning:

  • Killer riffs and licks on your guitar

  • How to change between chords quickly

  • How to use and amp for cooler sounds

  • Songs and solos by your favorite guitar players and bands

If you answered yes to any of the above, then you have come to the right place. We want to help you become the electric guitar player you have always dreamed of.

Our electric guitar lessons will help you develop the skills you need so that you can play along with your favorite musicians. And for those of you interested in singing and playing at the same time, we can help you learn how to do that as well!


What will you get in your lessons?

1. Play Songs You Love By Artists You Know.

If you are into metal, rock, classic rock and blues, then you can expect to learn songs in those genres. We strive to create lesson plans to focus on your musical goals and the songs you like to play and listen to. You might learn small riffs and licks to get you started and then progress to entire songs and solos as your skills progress.

2. Step By Step Guidance.

We have a plan for you. Our teachers take your goals into account and make sure to build a plan to get you there. You should have confidence that our experienced and professional instructors will teach you things in the right order at the right time. No more guessing what should come next. We take all the guess work out of it.

3. Killer Riffs And Solos.

You will learn how to play fun riffs and amazing solos by some of your guitar gods. No matter how tough a solo or riff might sound, our teaching rooms are equipped with the technology to slow things down and make them easier for you to play along with. Not only will you be able to play along with your favorite solos, you will even be given insight in how to create your own and play with others.

Getting Started Is Easy…

We have helped many students just like you learn to play the guitar. This includes students who thought they were not talented enough, too old to learn an instrument, or not creative or musically inclined. We have even worked with students who have played guitar on their own for years and feel like they are stuck and looking for a different perspective on their learning.