Do You Really Need A Guitar Teacher?

You just got a new guitar and you venture online to find some Youtube videos or books that will help you start your adventure. what you soon realize is that everything is out of order, some of the “teachers” have only been playing guitar for a few months themselves and that you are not making the progress you want.

We have worked with many students who ventured out on their own to try and learn guitar and spent years making little to no progress. I should know. I tried teaching myself to play guitar for ten years before I decided to seek help.

What did I find?

No source replaces the instant feedback of a qualified instructor.

Why You NEED A Guitar Teacher

  • Instant feedback and answers to your questions.

  • Learn things at the right time and in the right order.

  • Bad habits are fixed immediately instead of ignored over time.

  • You get a balanced education.

  • You WILL progress faster than you would on your own.

We Can Help You

There is no question that learning to play the guitar is an investment in yourself. Our students love their lessons and are very happy with their progress. Many students wished they had started years before.

Do not waste another moment trying to learn the guitar on your own. If you want real results, hiring an experience and qualified teacher will get you there. We teach both acoustic and electric guitar lessons near Boston.