How To Make A Press Kit

Step 1

Hire a professional photographer to take some photos. DO NOT hire your friend or your dad to take photos with a camera. You need a professional to take professional photos in a professional setting. Remember, they can do extra things like Photoshop and correct lighting and make things look good. If you do not look professional, everything else is a waste of time. Include an 8×10 photo of yourself or your band in the package. Your name, website, and contact info should be clearing visible on the photo.

Step 2

Create a logo for your band or at least discuss the image your band wants to present. You should select fonts and colors that go well with your music and image. Logos and imagery help brand you and can help people remember who you are

Step 3

Get a professional recording of your music done. I’m not talking about recording a full length album. Pay the money to record 3 demo songs that you can put on a professional looking website or flash drive. Any bar down the road might take a cheap home recording, but if you want to get bigger gigs, you need to show your professionalism and that you take your music seriously. Provide them with professional recording either via CD or mp3 depending on the requirements of the promoter.

Step 4

Include a business card, with the same branding and logo and the same contact information. Check out for cheap business card options. You can even higher a designed to create a design in line with your bands imagine and personality.

Step 5

Prepare a bios for yourself or the band. Start off by taking about your music and what makes you unique. Using things like, sound like such and such an artist or influenced by such and such a band helps the reader get an idea of your music before they even listen. If you have any big achievements like playing a big venue or opening for an important act, make sure to include that. If you have not had any big achievements, try and include reviews you have gotten from your professionally recorded materials. There are many services out there that will review your CD for a fee such as

Step 6

If you are sending out you Press Release to a festival, gig, record company, or booking agent. Include a list in bullet form of the value you can provide if you are selected to be apart of said festival record company, etc.

Step 7

Put everything in a professional looking folder and mail is via FexEd. DO NOT put it in some normal envelope. Again, you want to stick out. I know some performers who put their picture and name on the front and back of the envelope. Not many people will do this and FedEx packages do not go unopened.