Why Aren’t They Loving Me?

At some point in your musical career, you will likely find yourself on stage in front of an audience. You are rocking your socks off. You’ve got some great music. You and your band have practiced your butts off. You look out to the audience for some sort of gratification to find that people are less than inspired by your hard work.

“Why aren’t they loving me?”

As a musician and an artist, it’s not about receiving, but rather about giving. When you are performing, it’s not just about your songs, it’s about the way you communicate them. If you are thinking about how awesome you are on stage, then you are leaving your audience out to dry.

Create An Experience

Think of yourself going to a conert. Why do you go there? Do you go to hear the songs? Probably not. If you wanted to hear the songs, you would just listen to them in your car or at home.

It’s more than just the songs.

How do you feel when you favorite singer says hi to you, or points you out in the audience. You feel excited. You feel noticed. You feel wanted. In order to get your audience to love you, you have to love your audience.

You have to be willing to interact with your audience and make them feel like they are apart of something. Tell them a story about your song. If someone looks like they are having a good time, point it out. If someone go “whoo”, says well I know that guy over at the bar is having a good time. The audience wants to know that you are paying attention to them and that you actually care that they are their.

So step outside of the box that you are doing this for yourself. You are doing it for your audience. Make them feel like you are giving them a gift. You need to create special moments for them. They need to feel a connection with what you are doing on stage. You want them to leave you show going, “Wow that was a lot of fun. I want to see them again.”

That’s how it starts. And who knows, next time they come back, they might even bring a friend. That’s how you build an audience.

Reach out to your fans. Get to know them and make them feel important.